Sunday, 2 June 2013

Recent Home Cooked Foods

I have been at home a lot recently,mostly because it's holidays now and I'm working a little more,but still giving enough time for my studies and revision.UT1 is just round the corner and I am fighting for at least 3.0GPA.I need to make my parents proud and make myself proud.Which is why,healthy home cooked food made by yours truly is the best! :D
Starting off with yesterday's lunch,then today's brunch.

Pan-fried salmon

Mushrooms,potatoes and broccoli to make up the side


With carrot & coriander soup to go along with (:

Breakfast this morning!

Bread with Nutella spread & sliced bananas; cherry tomatoes & dried cranberries in a cup;walnut brownie & cheese cake;coffee♥

On the side note,I am thinking of trimming my hair soon.The ends especially,it feels obviously dry compared to the hair nearer to the roots.However,I cannot decide between Urbanhair or Salon Vim.I have a friend working at Urbanhair but I have heard good reviews about Salon Vim and have seen 'Before/After' photos and they looked really good. Also,I am hoping to do some part-time modelling soon to earn extra money.Yes,on top of the money I get from my parents and my part-time job.One needs to save up in order to have get the decision to choose which university they want to go to in the future!I don't want to rely on my parents too much although I know they would do anything for me.I need to be independent and they have given me so much to be thankful and grateful for already♥

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Kimberly said...

Looks yummy babe!