Monday, 17 June 2013

Happy Father's Day♡♡♡

Yesterday,as we all know it,was Father's Day!My family and Gu Jie went to Chinatown Point for dinner and we went to this eatery called A One Claypot House.Their speciality is porridge and I dislike porridge a lot.But for the love of my Dad,I agreed to go heehee :P There are many varieties of porridge that they have,but I didn't pay much attention as I was more interested in their noodles and tea!However,the porridge was better than I'd expected.But most of the time,porridge is porridge.It tastes all the same to me.

I chose dried fruit tea for us!

Left to right: Fish and seafood porridge


Dad's favourite spinach soup♥

My pick: Sliced fish hor fun

Ingredients in the fruit tea.Really enjoyed it!

Into collages these days.So many frames,wallpaper and font!

I love the hor fun because of the starchy sauce.Omnomnom.My family are not big eaters so we usually order no more than 5 dishes but it all always tastes so g o o o o o o d.
Thank you Gu Jie for the treat!Next week shall be my turn to treat my parents and Gu Jie as a belated Mother and Father's Day treat heehee!♥

Short update next.
School reopened after a 3 week study break and I dreaded it but I went anyway.I didn't have a choice :P Exam would end on 27th,and then another round of exams in July.The final exams would be in August(I think!).But I have a drug competency test in September and that's it.I can not wait.
And the HAZE.My gosh,it is bad.It went from PSI 50 to PSI 155 in a day.It's so 'foggy' outside and I'm worried about the air we're breathing.It is so bad for our health and I only hope that the haze will clear up HOPEFULLY by tomorrow.A miracle would need to happen.
I was on Tumblr and my friend's friend picture appeared on my dashboard.I did not even know I was following him.His name is Ryan and he is a photographer and his work is really good.

This is one of them,the latest one.Do check out his Tumblr at .Also special thanks to my great friend Adrienne for enquiring about putting his amazing picture up on my blog and also introducing me to his Tumblr account.His work gives me such inspiration to continue photography and also get more adventurous with outdoor photography.Visit Adrienne's page at .
Until then!

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