Friday, 12 July 2013


Hei and yey,it's finally Friday!♥
I have had a busy week and have not had much time to revise for my upcoming exams.I would have to start burning the midnight oil so that I get the grades I want.Really trying to up my GPA this Sem :(

Thursday's skater dress outfit and a hint of blusher on my cheeks :D

Nothing much happened until today,so most of the pictures will be this evening's photos.After school,Nik Han,Brenda,Merissa and I headed to Causeway Point's Starbucks where we chatted over drinks and sandwiches.Merissa never buys anything from Starbucks and it was Nik's first time joining us and he didn't get anything too.Brenda and I shared a sandwich pack,and she got carrot juice.I later ordered White Chocolate Mocha :D

I forgot what this sandwich is,but it's the one with the veggie description.It tastes like curry puff in a bread form and it's really good,given that I generally don't like bread.

Brenda's carrot juice in the pretty bottle (:

Onion in the sandwich heehee

My white choco mocha which I bought a few hours into chilling at Starbucks.Only the foamy top has white choco,the rest tastes like normal cafe latte.Maybe it's just me but,I wouldn't pay extra for that again :(

Chocolate powder♥

Ending my post with my so-called outfit for today,which I took in the SEG(Engineering) lab while waiting for my friend to finish Fun Run with her other friend today.I am not an Engineering student so I found all the wires and what not boring hahahh.

Have a great weekend!

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