Sunday, 8 February 2015


Just a short update - I've been so so busy preparing for FYP and school work piling up.Am I glad that FYP is over and I can focus on school work and upcoming exams.

A few days ago, my Ballet friend and I went for a trial class.I have been wanting to go awhile back, but recently mustered up the courage and also found a day we could both set time aside for.

It was reallyyy good and I'm pretty sure I want to join them.They have mostly technique lessons and push syllabus work nearer the exam.Although the exercises weren't very difficult,I found myself working up a sweat just half an hour into class. The studio was also non air-conditioned, which I personally preferred it compared to air-con ones. Scientifically proven to be better for the body as well.

After the two hour class,we went to Nam Nam Noodle Bar for dinner at Plaza Sing. I finally tried Nam Nam and I found the soup quite salty and was really thirsty after that.I'm not sure if it's just that outlet or they standardize their soup to be that way.

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