Friday, 7 February 2014

Happy Chinese New Year 2014

So busy this week,I haven't had any time to update this space.Happy CNY to all who celebrated,and these pictures were taken on CNY even,about a week ago.


Rushed home after school to go Bukit Merah area for reunion dinner before going to Gu Jie's place for dessert and quality time with the relatives.

Day 1

Home cooked lunch by Mum♡

Dinner cooked by Gu Jie♡

Day 2

Reunion dinner with my maternal relatives at my place and snapped pictures with my cousins.Also,a few pictures of my nephews.Matthew is my favourite hahahh.

Day 3

Annual dose of Khong Ba by Mum's close friend.Visited them in the evening.
I prefer having a few visits in a day than to rush as many visits as I can.No one likes a rush hour I suppose.

More visiting this week so check this space heehee!



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