Saturday, 12 September 2015

Dear 17 Year Old Me

"Dear 17 year old me,
First and foremost, hang in there. I know right now things seem difficult and you're confused and lonely and you're wondering whether or not you should give in and do the things your friends do to fit in or if you should stand your ground and hold on to your moral values. The answer to this is stand your ground. I am writing to you from five years in the future to tell you that I am absolutely certain that you will be damn proud of the woman you will eventually become. You will become a woman of strong moral values. Above all else, your morals will be noticed by everyone else around you. Even though you are in pain right now, you will mature into a woman of grace and mercy, kindness who is loving and caring.
All the horrible things you are experiencing right now will help mold you into the woman you will eventually become so be thankful for it. I'd like to tell you to let him go!You know exactly who I am talking about, Please let him go he isn't worth the pain. Five years from now, you will learn to live without the sound of his voice. You will learn to smile again. Eventually, you will love again. For the love of God, please let him go. Stop making decisions because he told you that you should do these things.
My advice to you would be: stop being so shy. There's no point in being that timid. Speak your mind and quit allowing people to take advantage of you. Learn to live, please learn to live and have fun. The window to mess up and make mistakes and act like an idiot is so small, take advantage of it while you can. Lastly, never change. You will get your heart broken a few times within these five years but you know what?You will be okay. You always are. I know now it seems hard but in five years, all those 'friends' who do horrible things will be wishing they had not and then there will be you. You will be able to hold your head high and live with a clear conscience, Hang in there kid.
Your older self."
-Excerpts from the book I'll never write #216 via poemsporn_

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