Sunday, 25 December 2011

Merry Christmas!

Hello World.Merry Christmas!
I had a family dinner last night,which I enjoyed thoroughly,except the eating part.
I think J doesn't like me the way I thought he did but it's OK,we can still be friends and we are friends!He's just so unpredictable sometimes.It's killing me.
Tomorrow I'm going out with my Ballet friend and we're going to watch a movie,and diet wise,hopefully we can share a meal so that I take in less calories since she's pretty thin herself.And the day after,I'm going out with another Ballet friend to take some Ballet pictures and watch a movie.28th?Yet another Ballet friend. :) I'm watching New Year's Eve with her,and on 29th,another Ballet friend and we'll just do some shopping.
I am such a busy woman during this festive season!It's fun though,I enjoy it very much. :)

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