Sunday, 11 December 2011


Hi World.It's been awhile since I posted a real update.

Last day of work for the week.FINALLY.I spoke to J lots yesterday,and he told me how one guy would say really offensive things and usually speak without thinking and all that.I got a little offended when he said my mum was calculative,but I just tried to ignore it and went past it like wind.

Stuck well to my planned diet yesterday,except I had fish slices in soup after eating what my diet consisted of.Then the Offensive Guy said something about me being vegetarian but eating fish(there are,by the way,different kinds of vegetarian in case one didn't know :))and J defended me.

Today I'm leaving early as I would be watching Nutcracker and my friend is performing in it!<333

Diet wise,I think I stuck well to 800 calories or less a day.I'd rather just not eat than to eat and purge.Besides,my one hour breaktime would not give me enough time to purge.I am really bad at it since I hardly purge.

My friend asked me if I will be auditioning next year for the company dancing she's for.I wish I could.I would have to see where my standard is before I embarrass myself.

10 more days of work and then I can do nothing or everything I need to and want to.I haven't gotten my paycheck yet. :(

Hope everyone's doing well.

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