Monday, 26 November 2012

Hermit Crabs.

Long day I had today.School was alright,we had lab session.My spread plate was suppose to have bacteria but I only had one colony. :( I am terrible at lab and streaking.Dance rehearsals after that. It went well I guess because I got to practice the Jazz piece with the music and memorized my positioning and music timing.Then the HK dance rehearsal with Lao Shi. It was good.I feel more confident I think.
But for some reason,I just feel so down today.There were so many times that I just wanted to stop everything and just leave.To get out of the classroom,the studio or where ever I was and just go.I don't know where I would go,or what I would do,but anywhere would be better than where I was.Of course I didn't,because that'd be stupid,immature and anything you can name.
I almost cried yesterday in front of bb but I told myself not to,because tough girls don't cry. I've always thought as crying as a sign of weakness.I have to push through whatever sht I'm feeling and just pull myself together.If I don't get through this,I don't know who else can do it for me.

'Just like a hermit crab,some people seem tough on the outside but soft on the inside.' I may seem tough and I may look like I'm not affected,but deep in my heart,every word and action kills me.What you see and how I choose to portray the image are two different things.

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