Friday, 30 November 2012

Rehearsal Time.


I'm in quite a happy and lively mood this morning,but running late to meet the girls so I will just post a short update.
Rehearsals for my concert starts todayyy and I am quite nervous and scared but it's exciting! :D bb and Mum are going to be there to watch me;I hope I don't screw up.I was suppose to get an MC initially,but I woke up late and my school is going to give me an X for my grade either way,so I don't see the point in going through the trouble.
After concert practice yesterday,Audrey and I had dinner at Kopitiam and I briefly mentioned that I wanted to change dance schools because I need to 'up' my standard.At the end of the day,I don't want to be dancing in studios for class and exam purposes.I want to dance in studios to perform on stage,and I don't need the main role of Adette or the Sugar Plum Fairy.I want the adrenaline of knowing I'm going on stage to perform and let other young dancers be inspired.And of course,for myself;to improve myself each time.Audrey told me about City Ballet,and I came across it yesterday too.I did some research and just like what I was told,they are run by past SDT dancers and I have such respect for SDT dancers. (not including prima ballerinas) So I think I will try and see if I can find myself a class as they are just opening a new Inter. Found class this week :D

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