Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Eat Playlove Cafe


Finally met up with Thines yesterday and we had decided beforehand that we would try this cafe in Bugis called Eat Playlove Cafe.I had no idea what kind of food they sold,but seeing the picture she sent me,I knew it was one of those vintage cafe with great food.

I took us quite some time,walking around Bugis as we both weren't regulars to walking in between shops in that area of Singapore and also the GPS was just not working with us.

When we finally got there,I knew all the walking and confusion earlier on was worth it.

Overview of our order, top - bottom:
pineapple rice, tom yam soup,chicken chop aglio alio and cheese fries

THE CHEESE FRIES WERE SO GOOD,as was everything else.I think the rice was pretty average,but the western dish and tom yam soup were above my expectations.

Dessert was mango (I forgot the name!)
This was sooo good as well,I can't wait to come back and order this again.


Walked around the cafe to take pictures after we were satisfied with our dinner.It was late and there were no more customers,so we took our time to snap around.Also,pardon the pictures because the cafe was slightly dim.

Photo credits: Thines

28 Aliwal Street 
Singapore 199918
Aliwal Arts Center
Tel: 6444 6400

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