Thursday, 6 March 2014

Updates From Last Week!

Exams are finally over!I am trying to make the most of my March holiday before internship begins.I am excited but also quite afraid for intern.
So anyway,I just thought I'd update on what I was up to last week,in the midst of preparing and revising for my final papers.

Went to The Reel Room in the school library cafe after our second paper.By 'our' I meant Merissa,Brenda and Nik Han.It was packed but fortunately we found two empty tables so we grabbed some chairs nearby and made ourselves comfortable.I have a recent obsession with seafood,especially if it is cooked with pasta.Just thinking about it now is making me all hungry!

Seafood pesto for me

Merissa's Cheese Fries

Nik Han's Onion Rings
Another yum!

Brenda's Beefy Nacho Cheese
Yum #3!

Had lunch with Merissa and Brenda after our afternoon paper.Persuaded them to go to Pastamania at Causeway Point and finally satisfied my Tom Yam Seafood pasta cravings!Have I already mentioned how delicious this pasta is?Heeheehee
The portion looks small but it is always so filling.

Brenda's marinara fusilli pasta

Merissa didn't have any pasta, just soup -___-

Yoshinoya after Ballet with Wei Yi


Home cooked dinner by yours truly

Met my Chinese Dance junior on Saturday at F21!Great to see you♥

Fish & Chips for dinner at Harbourfront Food Centre on Sunday

Ending my post with a note from Brenda <':

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