Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Am I Ready For UT3?

Hope everyone is well.I believe today is Day 9 of Chinese New Year.I have not been able to really study for my Understanding Test 3(UT3) until recently,which,I must give credit to my amazing boyf for pushing me to revise. (:


Just this morning,I checked my school website and the UT2 results were out.Here goes: * Drum roll*
- Anatomy & Physiology(A&P) : C+ to B+
- Microbiology : C to B+
- Molecular & Cell Biology (MCB) : D to D+

Grades for Chemistry and Biochemistry are not out yet.I shall post them once they're out. So I have been feeling quite positive about the upcoming UT3,but I'm not sure if I'm ready.Also,if I'm getting grades like these and improving without much intense studying,would I get a worse grade if I studied more for UT3?I don't know if that's possible,but it seems illogical,doesn't it?I'm just worried my efforts would backfire me.Nonetheless,I am still revising and am understanding more than I ever did when I was still studying in Sem2.
During this CNY period,I have also not been able to go for much Ballet practices.Holidays claimed by the school took my Monday and Tuesday lessons last week,Thursday was Valentine's Day(and my teacher already expected me not to show up so that's okay),Sunday was compulsory family visiting so I skipped the class at Marine Parade.Then yesterday I wanted to go but I had such a bad stomach upset,I slept till 6pm the time class starts) and the pain was there till this morning,although not as painful.I did some workout yesterday so I feel stronger for Ballet class today.But my legs are aching hahahh. :D
On the side note,my schedule and bb's schedule makes us unable to meet as frequent as before.But I know this is temporary,and NS takes up a short time in our lives.After this,everything will be much better and he won't feel so tired too.I need to remind myself that this is temporary,to keep the faith and build the trust♥
Happy 4th month anniversary bb ♥
Time to get some more revision done.Have a great day ahead!

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