Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Day 3 of CNY

So yesterday,I visited my mum's friend like we do every year.Let's call her M.She is a really really cute and short lady who has a uniquely rough but nice voice and she cooks fabulous curry and bee hoon.No joke.Aunty M's husband has the rough voice too,but he's towards the drinking lover and so I tried Bacardi with coke and some lemon slices.It was not bad.
Dinner was served around 8+ when the dining area was clear of guests,mostly Aunty M's extended family.The adults chatted for a bit,and I sat there listening and making small talk once in awhile.Afterwards it was home sweet home.
Today,I was to my friend's house to celebrate her belated birthday,after which I met bb at the station to go to my family's reunion dinner.I think it went well because my manman is always so good at socializing ;)
I just feel a little annoyed at my parents,especially my dad because he is just really strict on so many things that I want to do with bb.I know it takes time,but the question is,'how long does it take?'
Anyway,on a happy note,Valentine's Day is in 2 days and I can't wait.It's time 2013 gives me some good memories to keep.2013 started good,not bad,but could be better.
But ever since I knew him,even as a friend,he made things so much easier.Life,my thoughts,emotions.He has such a positive outlook on everything,and I do try and see things positively but not always.He painted my life with colours,gave meaning to everything and suddenly it all made sense.It may sound so cliche or however one may call it but he and I,this couple,we're not like the others.No one would come close to know what I mean,unless they can feel what I feel.
And what do I feel?I feel more alive than ever,I'm not just living♥Iloveyou

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