Friday, 25 April 2014


Hei hei♥
Last Friday,the closest people in my life celebrated and early birthday with me.It was Good Friday,so I did not have to work.Met my best friend slightly earlier in town before the dinner buffet to find some shoes.I got mine at New Look,which I later proclaimed it as a present to myself.Hahahh.
My parents and I had decided that Penang Place Restaurant would be the place to go,since their food is just so good.
I'll let the pictures complete the post!

Xin Yi♥



One shot altogether,including my parents (:

OOTD with my best friend,my sister.

Presents - thanks! :*

All pictures taken at the restaurant are taken by my boy,with the exception of the first one and the group photo.


Met Merissa and Brenda for a meet up,as well as to celebrate my birthday too.We went to EwF for dinner,partly because I was craving for their yummy burgers but also because I had to get my Ballet shoes which I didn't manage to because the shop had closed earlier than I thought it would.

My Tandori Burger with BBQ Fries

Merissa's Fish Burger with Garlic Fries

Brenda's Bacon and Cheese Burger with Sour Cream and Onion Fries
She loved the burger so much,she said she could eat this for the rest of her life hahahh.

Merissa is very shy with the camera so it was just us.Wished we could all just take a photo together someday though.Don't think I've ever gotten a proper one without making a collage or tried to make a collage hahahh.

Ending my post with my meet up with a good friend of mine to IKEA on Tuesday.Missed the salmon salad so much and finally got to try the pasta.My friend got chicken curry with rice and I personally thought the curry was quite well done.

Thank you to everyone who whatsapped/texted me yesterday.I feel so loved and appreciate it!Also,a big thank you to my parents.Without them,I wouldn't be able to celebrate my birthday because I wouldn't even be here.I love you all♡♡♡

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