Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Fiko - Swedish Cafe

FINALLY got to meet my best friend on my Tuesday off (technically yesterday now) and we planned to go to Eat Playlove Cafe and try out their desserts and some light snacks.Today would have been my second time there,but her very first.Unfortunately,the are closed on Tuesdays and so we decided to walk back to Bugis Plus when we came across this Swedish cafe and gave it a try.


Loved this salad so so much!I can't remember the name but it starts with a 'L' and third under the salad selection.I would definitely come back again just for this.Even thinking about it now is making me hungry!

We also took some pictures of our outfits although this was before our tea break at the cafe.

Preping for the photos hee

Fiko is such a cozy restaurant with amazing salads.Can't wait to go back and try their mains at this new gem found today!Also,what a great day spent with my best friend.I couldn't ask for more. :*

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