Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Cruise Getaway

Last week,I went for a cruise getaway on Starcruise Virgo. It wasn't like fantastic, and I had to pay $15/day if I wanted Wi-Fi and I wouldn't be able to use it in the cabin, only at 'public' areas such as the lobby or restaurants etc so that was bad news for me.So I survived a day and a half without Internet on my phone and I'm surprised I get through that.
Anyway,back to the main topic,which was my cruise trip.It was my very first trip and I insisted that I wanted to be back in time to watch the NDP on TV so it was 1.5 days instead of 2.
I made a few of the pictures into collages instead because I took a lot of pictures,and I'll try to keep this post as short as possible.I think I took over 200 pictures hahahh.

Day 1

Cabin room

Grand Piazza - reception area

Supper - 1st plate

Magic show at The Lido

After the magic show,we went to see the poolside for a bit.It was not what I had in mind,and then again,expectations lead to disappointments.Be it big or small.The pool was smaller than what I had imagined it to be.

Day 2

Chinese breakfast at The Pavilion, one of the 3 restaurants that passengers could eat for free

Western breakfast at Bella Vista

Bella Vista at the stern of the ship

Walked around the ship and saw this cute Chinese tea set

Deck 8 - shopping area

Mannequin at the store window

Nutella just for travellers!

They were had Hari Raya lunch because well,it was Raya hahahh.So yey to more food heehee and these were the pretty kids food placed apart from the 'adult' food.

Mini apple pies!

Hari Raya quehs

Cocktail with cream on it.I chose purple,of course.

Life boats used for the shopping at Malacca mainland. My family decided during lunchtime that we could go to the malls and shop because there was nothing much for us that we could do at the ship.

I found this at the mall I was at,I forgot the name though.This is the coloured candy ball that was used to be available in Singapore back in the days.I have never seen it but they always show them in cartoons and all so I was quite stoked to see it for the first time in my life. :D

Dad treated the family to Baskin Robbins ice-cream.Mum wasn't feeling so good so it was just Gu Jie and I,and this is macadamia nut ice-cream.Omnomnom.

Some attempted photography on our way back on the lifeboat

Dinner came and it was BBQ for the night.Whoop whoop because I love BBQ chicken♥
In case you're wondering,the brown lump is potato hahahh

Some of the non BBQ food heehee
Mostly salads and veggies,plus my favourite Indian papadom.

Artistic carving on a watermelon :D
I took pictures of the other carvings which were flower designs and even 2 mice but I couldn't find the pictures in my phone or laptop.I think I may have accidentally deleted

Sing and Dance by Twice as Nice

Another night at the pool,this time watching the Hari Raya games going on

Day 3

Breakfast at Bella Vista

Egg benedicts


Kampong style fried rice with ikan billis

Deck 13,behind the pool area

And then it was home sweet home (:

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