Sunday, 4 August 2013

The Past Week

This week has been very busy for me.I had my last UT papers on Monday and Tuesday,and Wednesday is always stressful because of Chem2 module.UT3 aka the final exam is in about a month's time so I need to start preparing.
I FINALLY met the crazy Parvin after about a month since her summer break.So happy she came back and we could meet.She visited our Ballet teacher too.When Parvin walked into the studio and Ms Pamela's face just lighted up,it was priceless.We then had dinner at BBQ Chicken,which was not so great and we both agreed that Parvin should decide the next time we meet again HEEHEE.


Salmon chunks spaghetti for me, chicken mushroom spaghetti for Parvin

My food was pretty okay but not fantastic,and Parvin's pasta was just...salty.Yes,salty.We also had ice-cream because we got the student meal,but my strawberry ice-cream was salty too :(


It was truly TGIF when Friday finally came because I was already exhausted when Tuesday came.My class has this thing called Fat Friday,where we will order Macs and have lunch together,so it helps us bond and get to know each other better. (: It was my second time 'taking part';my first time was an apple pie order hahahh.This time I got Mcwings spicy,introduced by blogger Eunice Annabel on her blog.

All the food we ordered.Fit for a class like mine :D

Tried the healthier approach for unhealthy food.Here I have corn and tea instead of fries and soft drink or something.

Then in the evening,I met my bb in the east.We were hungry and he suggested BBQ Chicken.So there I was,at BBQ Chicken again hahahh but we ordered a 2 person combo instead of the student meal.It had soup,a chicken platter,olive rice,drinks and dates as fruits.

Mushroom soup

Chicken platter

The grilled chicken was not bad,but other than that,it was all quite average.

Colleague gave all of us a donut because it was our last day at work before the renovations/makeover.Feel so loved because she specially got it for us.I thought it was going to be a bit of a small gathering thing,and I would be able to take pictures of all he donuts but some staff took their share before their break.Hence the slightly empty box :/
And I chose the pink donut!
I also tried TSS's chef's special soup instead of my usual which would either be Tokyo chicken stew or Mushroom soup.This is broccoli,mac and cheese soup with shallots.It wasn't the 'matching' condiment but it goes with everything.


Started my day quite late because I had work yesterday so I was really tired.Had chicken chop rice for lunch and it was really good.
In the evening as usual,we all went to meet my Gu Jie for dinner. (: This week,we managed to try the Thai stall at Seah Im Food Centre because last week,the whole hawker centre was closed for cleaning.

Candid shot while trying to take pictures of my very first symmetrical eyebrows

First OOTD on my blog (I think)
Credits to my mum for taking them.

Pepper chicken with rice for my dad

Glass noodles with seafood for me;I asked for no squids

Chicken with chilli for my mum

Pad thai for Gu Jie

My glass noodles were good.I liked how random the ingredients were,like fishcakes and sausages hahahh. The pad thai was quite delicious too.

Ending my post with today's orange sunset!

Have a great week ahead everyone!

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