Sunday, 25 August 2013

#TGIF and My Weekend

My Friday was well spent and I decided to blog about it.Last P&T class and it felt like any usual Friday,except we ended lessons much later compared to previous weeks.Nonetheless,Merissa,Nik Han,Min Teck and I went to Somerset's Botak Jones for an early dinner.Brenda couldn't make it because it was her mother's birthday.Happy belated birthday,Momma Teo!♥

'Nuff said,I shall let the pictures do the talking.

Featuring OCEANIEN book like box and Royce from Korea!

Faci even got Halal chocolate for our Muslim classmates.How thoughtful (;

While waiting for our food
Nik Han and Merissa refused to smile for the camera and I took candid shots of them while they were trying to figure out the buzzer. :P

F O O O O O O O O O O O O D!
The best mushroom soup I have tasted to date.Shall try Ashton's next time and compare (:

My Mum was very interested in the Night Festival,where art museums were opened to public on Friday and Saturday,as well as next Friday and Saturday too.
I am not an artsy bitsy person,but I do appreciate performing arts.I could not really understand what was going on and felt quite frustrated because everywhere was packed with people.

Beaded scarf/shawl at the Peranakan Museum

Exterior of the Peranakan Museum

National Arts Museum
The people were trying to create shadows on the wall of the museum by dancing and doing acrobats.I did sense that they had to have a lot of core and physical strength and understood that,but the rest was completely unknown to me.Things like what they were actually doing and why and why was that art. :/

Shirt tied around my waist was A&F inspired♥

Ending my post with a lovely sunset outside my house this evening.It lighted up the whole sky and gave it such blending colours.

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