Sunday, 1 September 2013

Last Day of School!

So last Tuesday was the last day of school.SO OVERDUE I know but I am busy revising for my final exams next week and I just realized these have not been posted so I shall get started.

L-R: Min Teck,Brenda,Kamal

Our usual class lunch
Technically we have a new rule now,we are forbidden to eat in class but then again,technically this isn't our classroom :D

Turfah guessing in Charades

Yee En in Charades during lunchtime
Just look at Chloe and Mei Mei doing the bird arms HAHAHH

Farewell gift from Mei Mei (':

And Kamal (':

My Pharmacotherapy & Pharmacy Practice faci (PPP)
I cannot see her eyes aka cat eyes.

I wasn't part of this because I was wearing sandals but kpo me took a picture of their sneakers moment heehee


BUT,the day before (Monday),I met my precious for dinner.I was craving Aston's so we decided to go Cathay.It was raining in the afternoon till evening and I was pretty upset when we had to meet much later than our agreed timing :( Nonetheless,I spent quality time with my bb so that was good.

bb's lemon lime chicken with mac&cheese and fries

My grilled herb fish with coleslaw and house salad

I finally tried Aston's mushroom soup because I read that it was the best soup with a thumbs up,but I still prefer Botak Jones. (:

bb attempting his wide eyes pose hahahh

Pepper,lemon and he's good to go!

And that was how I spent my Monday and Tuesday last week.I will try to keep this blog updated!
As for now,I need to get back to my revision.

Have a great week ahead!

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