Friday, 13 September 2013

Mum's Birthday Dinner

My family and I celebrated my mum's birthday sometime last week,on a Sunday because Sunday is Family Time.My mum wanted to go Jumbo at Clarke Quay,and so we did.It was so packed when we got there,and we were actually debating if we should celebrate at Jumbo or another restaurant because if we ate at Jumbo,we have a time limit of a quarter and an hour to dine.I didn't know why,but it was probably because it was reserved for some tourist.Since we went all the way to Clarke Quay and our main purpose was Jumbo,I convinced my family to have dinner there and we did!

Lemon water for us to wash our hands before and after eating crabs
Love the smell of these!



We ordered a set menu because 1)it was already pre-arranged, 2) it was faster, 3) it suited us.

I am not a fan of fish(unless it's salmon or sardine) but this was really good.

The star of the day - crabs!!!
We had 2 choices,either black pepper or chilli and since my mum dislikes black pepper,we had chilli crabs.

Man tou to go with it
In case you don't already know,man tou is a bread or bun that is deep fried and tastes really good because it's sweet.

Pork ribs
Again,I am not a fan of meat but this was really good too!

HK style noodles

My dad usually doesn't peel crabs because it's always a messy business but he seems to be enjoying it here (:

Jumbo was good,I liked all the dishes and I can't decide on one to make my favourite.However,the customer service was not as good,maybe because it was so busy that day.I would go back for the food though!

After eating and keeping just within our time limit,we went for a walk along Clarke Quay
It brought back memories when I was clubbing almost every week last year and my clique and I would have so much fun along these places. (':


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