Friday, 6 September 2013

Be Yourself.

And be the best you that you can possibly be.
Why would you want to be someone else?You were given this ONE life,one chance and you were born to stand out.The worst thing you could do is to follow someone else's footsteps or copy exactly what they are doing.I mean,don't you have any originality at all?

I'm sure you're better than that.

I'm just so sick of it when people take ideas from another person.It's one thing to get inspiration,and another thing to just copy and paste.Literally just ctrl + C and ctrl + V.My blog is very personal to me;I share my experiences with whoever reads my blog.Experiences that include my daily life,my meet ups with friends and my updates.Although it's not into details because I prefer to keep it that way,I would appreciate people to just read and understand what I'm saying instead of just regurgitating my posts and copying my post ideas.

You wouldn't feel good inside if someone did the same,would you?If someone did exactly the same as what you did,without the other party thinking through at all.I personally feel like I put so much effort to keep this blog running and looking presentable,and the last thing I need is someone to have the same layout and blog posts as me.That is not cool.

I don't understand,WHAT IS WRONG WITH JUST BEING YOURSELF??I was once told, 'Don't follow others just because that's the easy way out.You are born with creativity and originality,don't let that go to waste.'

Such a shame,we are all born originals.Don't die a copy.

So please,have some individuality and grow up.

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