Saturday, 21 September 2013


One of the most recent post updates would be this one.After work today,I had dinner with my family.We went to Sembawang Shopping Centre and we initially wanted to have Aston's but the queue seemed to be stagnant and we settled on Wan Chai Hong Kong Kitchen instead,which was just opposite Aston's.
It reminded me of an eatery called Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe,because of a wide variety of cuisines they offer.Rice,noodles,porridge,western.You name it,they have it.
Let's get started on the pictures!


Mum and Dad's wan chai style fried rice
It was really good.

My baked rice with chicken and mushroom

So moving on to today's main topic which is about Instagram.I'm sure many of us youngsters have an account and we post pictures of almost anything and everything,of which 'OOTD' and food would the most common (I think).I personally felt that it was pretty stupid,posting pictures on a website meant for pictures. T.T
I mean,what's the point?I have a blog,I can just upload it all at one shot.
That was when my friend Kimberly persisted me to create an account and she even said she would help me set up one.I was so reluctant and tried to side track which I failed miserably,so here I am with an Instagram account.
I must say,I am quite addicted and I have only been a member for three days hahahh.

Some of my posts

My account is privated but just tap on that 'follow' button anyway heehee.It's pretty relaxing scrolling through people's pictures and liking them,and also seeing their photography and skills. (:

Instagram: zaraliiyuann

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