Friday, 20 September 2013

What I've Been Up To

Latest updates:I have been back on my part-time job but I'm not sure if I should continue at Soup Spoon or find a new job.I don't want my bank account to have a sudden lapse of 'input',if you know what I mean (heeheehee) so I'm thinking if I should continue until I get a new job or withstand whatever is at work.I've been meeting up with friends,so they'll be featured in this post too.So let's start!


Last week,bb and I went to EwF for dinner.I love love love their Nutella milkshake.I know for a fact that they use full fat cream from Greenfields but it is SO good,I cannot resist and I'll deal with the calories later hahahh.

bb got bacon ham & cheese with curry fries
My man loves pork hahahh

My fish fillet burger with garlic fries

Thursday and Friday

Work it was for me, and taking pictures of my meals,especially if it is colourful or my favourite (Italian or Japanese) is a must.I guess one of the few things I love about working is the free meals heehee.We get a set meal and I like the salads.My all time favourite is Asian Tofu Salad.

Asian Tofu Salad;Tokyo Chicken Stew;Friand
(Isn't much of a stew though,just clear soup heh)

Friday's meal: mushroom soup and Garden Green with Friand


The following week,I met my Sem2 classmate clique for a girls day out.We met at Raffles City and did some window shopping at City Link Mall and Marina Square too.

3/4 of a Winx Club group shot!
2 girls couldn't make it so our group photo was incomplete :/


Met Jing Wen on Wednesday for dinner because her work ends after 6pm.Jing Wen is a secondary school friend of mine.I was not very close to most of my secondary school friends but I got along pretty alright to a few,and one of them was Jing Wen hahahh.I still keep in contact with a handle of them and I'm glad I did.

This is Nutella milkshake from EwF
Hahahhh we went there again after my week's visit with bb

EwF's super burger with curry fries for Jing Wen


{Just in}
L-R: Li Qin,Kimberly and I

Li Qin and Kimberly,the two crazy friends I've made friends with from my Sem2 class.We formed this 'clique' because we didn't really bond with the others in the class and we just clicked hahahh.It was like instant chemistry :'D They make such random jokes and comments and make me laugh everytime.I'm so glad I have them in my life (:

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