Monday, 30 September 2013

Past Two Weeks with lots of Food and Friends

This is so late but last Sunday,my family and I went to VivoCity for dinner as my Dad suggested trying The Asian Kitchen.I have never been to that restaurant before,and all I knew was that they have Asian food so I was pretty excited!

Last Sunday

The fat cat I see whenever I'm at Harbourfront Bus Interchange♥

I honestly had no idea what to order because there were so many choices and so I went with what I thought bb would choose - duck.But because I really really dislike rice,I chose duck ramen (:
And the duck was SO GOOD.

Chicken wings to share!

Mum & Gu Jie ordered the same ramen,it's called Xia Jiang Ramen if I remember correctly

Dad's stewed pork noodles
He expected it to be in the famous 3 fatty layered pork meat,but it was actually minced meat.However,it tasted quite good despite just having minced meat.

I think I need to clean my phone camera lens,it's giving me blur pictures and some filtered-look alike pictures which has never happened before.

Failed attempt at contouring my nose hahahh :/


Met the annoying Gabriel after months of not seeing him.I think the last time I met him was back in December last year hahahh.Great news to share about Gabriel: He is attached and he seems to be less annoying compared to before and more matured.HAHAHH

Another failed attempt at contouring my nose :( 
At least I have almost symmetrical brows heehee

We had no idea where to eat because honestly,we both weren't that hungry.The day before,we had agreed on EwF although I've eaten it twice in the last two weeks.However,after much 'discussion',it was decided that we try this place at Orchard Central's basement called Maccha House.As the name suggests,they sell matcha foods and I was really excited because I am a huge fan of matcha.I could eat anything that has matcha all day. :D

We both ordered teriyaki chicken with half cooked egg,hot matcha tea for me and iced tea for Gabriel.

The chicken was heavenly.It was soft and tender,and the egg yolk worked so well with the rice because it was soft rice.I dislike rice so much because people usually cannot cook rice properly,it usually ends up undercooked and I absolutely hate soy sauce or curry sauce in my rice.

My dinner at Graffiti Cafe at FEP


The next day,I met my Starbucks Buddies clique for a trip to IKEA!!!I love love going to IKEA because it always gives me inspiration to revamp my room.I am currently in need of a new bookcase and a dressing table.
Anyway,I was,as usual,late but it was because of the rain and I was confused (as always) to what time we were actually suppose to meet.We had our lunch there before walking around IKEA and pretended that we were in our own house heehee.

Fish and Chips for Merissa and I

With broccoli because it's healthy and delicious

Min Teck's plate of 15 meatballs

Saw this cute panda and I was certain I was going to buy it...until Min Teck said the ears were too small.And pandas look extra cute because of their ears so I thought twice about buying this soft toy.Plus,I have quite a few toys taking up space on my bed too.I didn't buy it in the end but I'm now considering if I should.


Brenda,Merissa and Min Teck playing chef hahahh

IKEA's $1 hotdogs!

Brenda had to leave early for her bowling training and after she left,we walked to Queensway Shopping Centre and explored for a bit.It was my first time there,and the interior of the mall was different from what I'd expected it to be.

Laksa at the basement
There's only one reason why I'm eating so much recently... :/

 Soon after,Min Teck and Merissa had to go and that left Nik Han and I.The area had three malls and we went to Anchorpoint Mall,which was quite a small place and had nothing much there,really.


Today's dinner was at Telok Ayer Hawker Centre and the place was really crowded,so when we found a seat,we decided to order from the roast pork stall to make things more convenient for everyone.Dad and Gu Jie had roast pork rice,Mum had roast pork noodles and I took duck hor fun.

Ending my long post with creative hand drawn lanterns by school children for Mid-autumn Festival that happened last week or so.

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