Friday, 6 September 2013

Thines & Lii Yuan's Adventures!

Last week,I met up with the crazy Thines because (at that time) was going to fly off on Wednesday,the 4th of September.So apparently,she's in gorgeous Paris right now obsessing over macaroons and the Eiffel Tower.She flew off because she is going to study basics of law (or something like that :P ) in Cambridge and only coming back in 10 months time.After Paris for her short vacation,she will head to the UK.

Miss her already!

So back to this post,we actually planned to meet last Tuesday and try this prawn noodle somewhere in Serangoon.But blur me as usual,I didn't know what bus to take from NEX and I lost my way.Thankfully,I was on familiar ground when the bus turned into Serangoon Circus Way and I quickly alighted,and Thines said she would meet me there instead.So instead of trying prawn noodle,we headed to MyVillage,thinking of trying a cafe that sells burgers.
But their burgers were so over priced and we didn't want to spend that kind of money on BREAD AND PATTIES,so we tried Crust since we both didn't mind having pizza.It was also much cheaper and quite tasty!

 Thines before and after her food arrived
Happy with the pizza

Our pizzas for that night.We ordered the set meal which came with a side salad,ice tea and ice-cream!
Top - Bottom: Wild mushroom pizza for me, periperi chicken for Thines
I'm not a fan of cheese and bread but this pizza will suit everyone for sure

I think the whole plate was literally refrigerated because even the spoon was chilled,but we were both loving it (:

I have no idea what got into me that night because I usually have no more room for desserts after dinner.Thines wanted to go back to NEX and have Sogurt,but I wasn't too keen because it was late and I still had to head home and revise for my upcoming exams then.So vola,we decided on a nearby restaurant called Arbite.

A meringue called Pavlova,the name of a prima ballerina

The first dessert we ordered was Pavlova
It was honestly quite disappointing and so hilarious when we both tried to say it was not too bad when we were just struggling to 'cut' the circles of hard sugar D:

We then decided to try another dessert;the 'sure won't fail' Tiramisu
It was quite good.The texture was smooth and silky and the fruits contradicted the sugary taste in the Tiramisu so this one gets a thumbs up.

Thines & Lii Yuan's Wall of Tiramisu
We couldn't decide how to split it after eating our share,so we split it vertically.

[I copied Parvin's broken thumb]

The following day,which was Wednesday,we met again!
This time,we decided to stick to NEX and had dinner at Food Republic because every where else was kind of expensive.Thines also managed to satisfy her prawn noodle craving!

Top - Bottom,L - R:Thines' prawn noodle,our share of carrot cake,my fried Hokkien mee and second take on Thines' noodles

The girl finally got her Sogurt craving satisfied too
Although they charge by weight,Sogurt is SO EXPENSIVE.I don't think I would eat it again,unless I get a treat from my Mum heehee
My Sogurt on the left and Thines' one on the right.


Then,walked around the mall and I saw Pet Safari.I know we aren't suppose to take pictures but I couldn't help it.The animals were too cute! :3

Hamster sleeping out of a car bonnet with its head on the ground hahahh

Chihuahua puppies

My favourite little ball of fur!♥
It's a Shiba Inu,and famous dog breed in the Japanese story where the dog waits for it's owner at the train station everyday.

I want to bring her home :'(


Little model

A Shih Tzu sleeping on a Chihuahua's back (:

And my first time wearing slippers out!
It was really comfortable.At times I even forgot I had footwear on.

Thank you Thines for those dinner dates and I can't wait for you to come back!Miss you so much,and I can't wait for our next adventure too!Study hard in UK (:

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